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(Fully?) Working DSDT edit for Dell Latitude E5420!

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So I have a Dell E5420 and successfully installed Lion. I can tell the DSDT needs some work. I already applied all the changes I could diagnose, but there are still some major issues. It also doesn't help that Dell uses atypical names for lots of stuff. The hardware is pretty typical of a sandy bridge laptop: hm65 chipset, HD3000 graphics, i7 2620m CPU, HD+ display, and no web cam or biometric sensor. My vanilla DSDT is attached, see below for the edit.


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I am stuck no longer! I *think* I caught everything, I've gone through the interesting parts of it line by line. It certainly seems to be running like a champ, I am working on getting sleep and speedstep running. I am not using NULLCpupowermonitor.kext and generating C/P states, I am not sure if anything interesting is happening yet.

Here is the (tentative) final DSDT edit for an E5420 with an HD+ display, no discrete GPU, webcam, or biometric sensor.

I am working in winmerge to organize my changes into a universal patch for all e5420 configurations without a discreet GPU.


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