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[HELP] Video issue on cold boot.

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Upgraded my monitor from a 24" Dell 1920x 1200

to an AOC 34" Ultrawide 3440x 1440

I have an extremely frustrating issue...

On a cold boot/start, when the video drivers kick in the monitor will go out of range and report "Input Not Support"

I am able to remotely access the system.

The display properties settings are correct. (3440x1440@60)

I have to change the monitor frequency to 100 (also not supported) and back to 60Hz and TAA-Da perfect video

If I do w warm restart everything works fine.

However the moment I shutdown or cold boot I am back in the same place."Input Not Support"

Please what am I missing / doing wrong.?

Core i5-6600; Intel HD 530; ASRock B150M ITX EFI Mode; Mojave 10.14.6

Clover; Lilu; Whatevergreen, All Drivers and Kexts Updated to most current

Added -cdfon and enable-hdmi20 Boot Arguments (This allowed me to get 60Hz instead of just 30Hz, but did NOT solve the cold boot issue)


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