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DSDT For ZooStorm (Clevo W251HUQ)

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I purchased a ZooStorm laptop and this particular company took over another company and re-branded the original, I contacted ZooStorm to find out the model name of the motherboard however they replied that they have the Motherboards pre-built but gave me the email address to the company who does design these motherboards. They replied to me with an image that had information based on my Motherboard which had the Model Name: W251HUQ along with the specifications that the board can take, I will attach this image to this forum. I am giving as much information as I possibly can due to the fact this company seems to be a bit un-heard of, following DSDT patch guides they always lead to going to forums such as this and downloading the patches. However because of my motherboard it's not present anywhere on any forums! So tonycrapx86 guide says if there isn't a patch in the database I should ask on here.

Laptop Specs;

Intel I3 2310m

Realtek RTL8191se wireless card

Realtek audio codec ALC269 (I think)

Intel HD3000 Graphics

Thank you very much for any help!


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If there isn't a patch for your laptop you'll have to do it yourself based on testing. Reading this is a good start http://Olarila.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=19&t=634



Thank you for replying and I will do that however I have a couple of questions first being if there are a list of patches on forums and mine is not there, how do I go about creating my own patches I mean I have no knowledge of DSDT patching. Also the DSDTE program has general patches itself, can these patches be applied to anyone's DSDT? and last question I have a Realtek RTL8191se wireless network card and this network card has had no kext's being made, is there a way to inject a patch into the DSDT to make Lion detect my wireless card or does it have to be done via kext's?

Many Thanks.

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Check the link I posted above, after "usual patches" there's a brief description about some patches you may need.

For wireless card you need a working kext, it won't work just with a DSDT patch.

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