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Installing OSX Lion on HP dv3

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I know this might be the wrong place to put the installation to a laptop, but since i can't really post anything on the laptop section.. i'll just post it here, i just want to help :)

here are some stuff that you should need (and i might attach the kexts i used during this attempt)

before you proceed, it's recommended for you to know the EDID of the display first, if not you're going to see anything in the internal LCD.http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=208410 this post will help you create the displayID files (which i will also post for the dv3-4016tx)

1. find/buy a mac os x install (since i don't have a lot of money to buy an original mac (sorry Steve) and I don't have any spare change to actually buy the lion os (again, sorry Steve) I downloaded the "Install Mac OS X Lion.app" from torrent.

2. create it to a bootable USB drive by using tonycrapx86's unishit installer (make sure the usb is already formatted (guid or mbr partition table doesn't matter, as long the format system is not ntfs)

3. once done, plug the USB into the laptop (in my case an HP dv3-4016tx) and boot the drive. it'll show you the unishit boot loader. choose your usb. it'll show the usb name and other bootable disks in the laptop

4. since the laptop is using a first generation i7-720qm 1,6Ghz processor, its not really supported with the mach_kernel, so before hitting enter to pick the usb as the bootable disk type "cpus=1 -v" (remove the quotes) in the boot flag

5. the installer will need you to plug a usb mouse and keyboard, I've managed to tweak it by using a "PS2 to USB converter, without any of the mouse or keyboard attached, and it works" let the installation do its magic, and it'll ask you a couple of basic installation stuff, when you reach the "select installation location" go to disk utility and change the partition table from mbr (if you installed windows before installing mac) to guid because the installer won't install if the partition table is still mbr (although some installers like iATKOSL1 allows you to install lion on MBR)

6. if its not partitioned as a GUID table, you should just partition the drive and rename the partition to "Macintosh HD" or any kind of name you want (you can change it afterwards)

7. boot from the usb drive again, but this time choose your hard drive "Macintosh HD", before you hit enter type "cpus=1 -v" again first because the mach_kernel won't let you boot if you don't type cpus=1

8. if all goes well, you will enter the startup screen of Mac OS X Lion, which will ask you a bunch of questions like what's your name, whats the password, and such. just fill them first

9. once finished, you're almost halfway there.. because you're now in the mac os x desktop. now this is where it becomes tricky and you need a lot of patience (i've done this part more than 20 times to get it right, but once it's right it won't be so tricky)

before going to step 10, i will tell you some problems when installing mac os x lion into a laptop. its 10x easier to install them to an ordinary desktop because you know exactly whats in them, the bios, the chipset, and what kexts will you need to get them to work. in laptops however, is not that simple. the bios isn't as simple, and so is the motherboard since you have no idea what kind of chips they're using. let alone the display since dv3 displays aren't exactly friendly to mac.

10. open the script "show all files" and press show, that will reveal every hidden objects in practically everywhere

11. open finder and go to macintosh HD (if its unseen, click "Finder" besides the apple button on the top left and click preferences, and just show Hard Disks for now

12. delete mach_kernel by dragging it to the trash (don't turn off your laptop in any way possible)

13. replace it with the mach_kernel provided in the zip folder

(you may skip this step if you feel confident that your display is properly recognized by OS X)

14. assuming that you already read the insanelymac post i've pasted above, and you have made your DisplayVendorID adjustments, you can run the DSDTPatcherGUI to create your own DSDT.aml (this is for a safer more easier route to make the mac os x run better) (for noobs that don't know what a DSDT.aml is, open tonycrapx86's site)

15. once the patch is done, the DSDT.aml file will be placed in the Sessions Folder right beside the app. open the folder and look for today's date, in there you'll find the DSDT.aml. PLACE THE DSDT.aml ON THE DESKTOP

16. Run multishit, and check UserDSDT install and other drivers if you need it (don't install any audio, you may need to install PS2 support, just look for it in the packages, and press continue.

17. place everything in the KextBeast folder (including the kextbeast app) on the desktop (don't worry, you can delete them later)

18. run kextbeast, and just finish the installation

19. reboot the laptop, and cross your fingers. hopefully if you're on the right track it'll run again without the bootable usb and it'll boot up just fine with a normal resolution with all cores running perfectly. (if the screen goes black and doesn't show anything, then you had a mistake in the EDID configuration, and redo the whole thing)

Drivers that doesn't work until now:

- Wifi drivers don't seem to work properly

- the AppleACPI Platform.kext will force the wifi button on the keyboard off, and i still don't know how to turn it back on, but at least the rest of the function is working

- the volume can't be adjusted.. it's either 100% or muted.

- havent tested the sleep capability

- the display file that i gave you will produce a 16bit color, sorry

I'll post again if I find out some workarounds

files: http://www.mediafire.com/?ejh37nua03bhd7q

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