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OSX 10.6.3 Gateway FX Series Problem

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Hi first off all i apologize for my bad english, I would try my best.

I successfully install OSX 10.6.3 on my Gateway FX-4710 with this SPEC:

Motherboard : Foxconn G33M Motherboard

HDD : Western Digital 1tb partitioned in two (500 gb)

Optical Drive : LabelFlash

Cpu Type : Quad Core Q9300 2.5 Ghz

Graphics : Nvidia 9800 GT 512 MB

Ram: 2x2 GB : 4 GB Corsair 800 MHZ

OK, The installation process was OK, at the end it shows SUCCESSFULLY INSTALL, Then i run the Combo Update i download from apples web, without restarting then i run multishit so far all great, after that i reboot my machines and the sound was enable. BUT a few minutes later it pop up a windows ( Kernel Panic message FU&% NO!!!) I shut it down and reboot and this msg appear ¨You need to restart your computer, Hold down the power button for a second...¨ , thats number one, number TWO is that i cant setup my dual monitors! Guys im going crazy...IDK what else to do...i have read the wiki page and other ones but hardly find some info for my configuration, maybe is just me that im newbie to this but i just hope that one of you can help me with this. thanks for your time bye

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