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Hi, I dunno what to ask!!!

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Hi, I'm VERY NEW to this Hackintosh stuff. So new it took me one h to find where to post this.

I tried to donate some bucks but PayPal says that you don't accept dollars ( oi????).

I installed the Hack, is booting OK, but I really don't understand dsdt, or other symbols. My system have no audio, and I dunno if all USB ports work, or if they are working. I really don't now to test if gtx1080 is working in all its glory.

I'm in Rio de Janeiro, and would like to pay for somebody to make this system stable and fast.

I'm sending the files, but ai really don't know what to do with your answer.

Sorry to bother.

Added in 10 minutes 38 seconds:

Will somebody send me a dsdt patch, so I can learn what to do with it?


Send me Felipes-iMac.zip

[O segundo maior Noob do planeta] :whistle

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