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please help. I am desperate. error dsdt editor :(

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Hi guys..

Great forum, hope you can help me.

I have wasted 3 weeks trying to get my hackintosh to work :oops::oops:

my system is

asus p8h67-m pro

i5 2500k

8gb ram

using the hd3000 intel graphics from the 2500k

sata hdd with windows set to ahci

external usb hdd with 2 partitions, 1 xmove lion installer, 1 lion partition (and the mac efi partition of course)

I am now trying to get it all working by using a custom dsdt but i have failed very badly so far :oops:

After i extract dsdt using the editor, i then apply the p8h67 m pro.txt patch from the pack page on Olarila. I then try to compile but when i click on fix errors, i always remain with 2 errors:

line 1591 Min/max/length/gran are all zero but no resource tag

1622 same error.

here is my extracted unedited dsdt that i extracted using editor

I installed a clean copy of lion and booted using rBoot from tonycrap, i only installed realtek network next to come here, and nothing else, no easy beast, no userdsdt, nothing yet. I am trying to install a userdsdt with a custom dsdt for my system because i can't get anything else to work!

Can anyone please help me? this is killing me :oops::oops:

thanks in advance


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Please download DSDT Editor again, it was a bug, but it was fixed.

The fix is: length = max - min + 1 (just set length as 1, since max and min are 0).

ASUS N53Jq • CPU: Intel Core i7-740QM 1.73GHz • RAM: 6,0GB • HD: 500GB • GPU: GeForce GT 425M 1GB 1920x1080 • OS: OS X 10.8.4 • Linux Mint 15 • Windows 8

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Thanks for the response! You were right, i managed to save dsdt now!

however now i have new problems :(

I'm not sure how to fix, my board has alc892 audio, and i think that is my new problem. I installed audioHDA rollback (only the rollback, i didn't install any other audio kext)

i have attached my latest kernel panic and the patched dsdt

thank you again for your help already, i hope someone out there can help me with this new problem. I feel like a zombie for 3 weeks!



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Only AppleHDA rollback won't work, you need a LegacyHDA or a patched AppleHDA, and an HDEF patch in DSDT (or HDAEnabler).

You can also try VoodooHDA http://Olarila.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=18&t=454

There's no KP in the attached image.

ASUS N53Jq • CPU: Intel Core i7-740QM 1.73GHz • RAM: 6,0GB • HD: 500GB • GPU: GeForce GT 425M 1GB 1920x1080 • OS: OS X 10.8.4 • Linux Mint 15 • Windows 8

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thank you very much for your help, i understand all of this more now :D :D

I am going to try those fixes for the hda, but i also noticed something more in the -v.

i notice that there is errors about c-states and p-states, it says they were not loaded even though i have GenerateCStatesYesGeneratePStatesYes in the boot plist. You said there was no kernel panic in the image, but my pc stays frozen at that image for a long time so i think it is stuck, could it be the p-states problem that is stopping the pc?

thanks again

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Hi, thanks for again for the help :)

Unforunately it still doesn't want to work! I deleted the dsdt.aml in the extra folder, then loaded lion using rBoot, so i extracted the dsdt again, applied p8h67-mpro patch, from misc patches -> hdef, duallink, new hpet, lpc and from desktop patches -> dtgp, smbus, irqs, rtc.

I then compiled and fixed errors (0 errors), then saved it it as dsdt.aml into the extra folder. I also edited the info.plist from applehda and changed the layoutID to 12 (it was 8) as the hdef patch had 0xc value, i then repaired permissions and kext cache using kext wizard.

And now in -v i am getting still waiting for root device. Would you know what has happened? It even happens in -x -v mode too. I also always still get the "acpi cpus table not found p-states not generated" same for c-states

Before when i only applied p8h67-m pro patch i could get into lion using -x mode, so it must be something new i did!

Do i need to run repair permissions every time i delete the dsdt.aml file and put a new one in the extra folder?

Is this meant to be this difficult haha? :oops:

p.s i have already patched the cpupowermanagement kext with speedstepper also

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Update: I did a rollback HDA in multishit, and now it loads again without any flags and using a new custom edited dsdt using p8ph67 patch, duallink patch, irq, hdef and dtgp! woo hoo progress!

however, the system doesn't have any sound (still have those efi rom hda-gfx errors in -v) and the intel hd3000 graphics card isn't recognised (chipset model: unknown, no kext loaded)

I installed HDEF patch so i can't use voodoo hda, i have a feeling i have to patch the applehda.kext some how? i have alc8xx kext but when i checked the kext loaded with kext wizard, it is not loaded, only applehda and applehdacontroller are loaded. My applehda has a layoutid of 8, and i think it should be 12 (rollback mustve reverted it back to 8?), should i be playing around with that to patch it?

And I have installed macmini 5,1 smbios because apparently that is what you need for intel hd3000 to be recognized, but it isn't working =/ any ideas on that one?

thanks very much again my friend. this has been one of the most frustrating things i have ever done with a computer! :lol:

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If you apply the p8h67-m pro "pack" you don't need to apply the "misc" patches (except DualLink).

There's no need to update cache after replacing DSDT. I don't know what Kext Wizard does in Lion, but a "sudo touch /System/Library/Extensions" is enough to rebuild kernelcache.

I have no idea about patching AppleHDA, I use VoodooHDA.

ASUS N53Jq • CPU: Intel Core i7-740QM 1.73GHz • RAM: 6,0GB • HD: 500GB • GPU: GeForce GT 425M 1GB 1920x1080 • OS: OS X 10.8.4 • Linux Mint 15 • Windows 8

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