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[DSDT Request] Biostar TPower i45

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I tried using the patcher but was very much confused as I couldn't decide on what patches do I have to use.

I am attaching the DSDT as extracted using the patcher under Windows.

Motherboard: Biostar TPower I45 Ver. 5.x

Bios version used : P45AA710.zip

Extracted DSDT:



It would be great if some one shed light on what patches are exactly to be used. Also there are same patches in Desktop as well as root Patches directory, I was a bit confused which ones to use.

I am learning DSDT editing but am still kinda n00b. A little help would be really appreciated.

Thanks in advance

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I also tried using the Biostar TP45HP file posted in the Patches section but of no use. All end up in Kernel Panics.

Also one important thing, I have Realtek ALC888S onboard chip. It would be great if while modifying the DSDT this could be kept in mind (or directions for the same be provided to me). I would love to use AppleHDA instead of VoodooHDA.

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The first step is running Mac OS on it and testing.

If power management doesn't work (need NullCPUPowerManagement) you may need patches LPC (if AppleLPC isn't loaded) and HPET (if you have "No HPET(s) available" kernel panic).

For USB problems there are EHCI, UHCI, ICH9 USB sleep, EHCI sleep/ownership.

Sleep problems are usually related to power management and USB.

If you have CMOS reset apply patch RTC.

DTGP is required by many patches.

IRQs is a "generic" patch, always used.

You may want HDEF (or AZAL to HDEF) and a codec patch if you will use patched AppleHDA, or if you just want to have audio information in System Profiler.

You can use SBUS to get SMBus kexts loaded.

There are shutdown patches (BIOS specific) you can apply if the PC doesn't turn off properly.

There are other hardware specific and some "cosmetic" patches (only fix warning and remark messages in compilation, but aren't really needed).

It's an Intel P45+ICH10R chipset, shouldn't need many patches.

Duplicated patches are just copies, you can use any.


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Hi All,

Just wanted to post up my progress here,

I have currently used:







_T_X rename

Alias fix

HID_para_CID fix

EHCI fix

Despite using EHCI fix, I am still getting Kernel Panics related to UHCI kext and IOUSB kext.

Can any DSDT guru shed a little light here.


I am getting this error:


EDIT2: Tried yet another compilation of dsdt.aml with all the above patches + EHCI Ownership + EHCI sleep + Mac Devices (proabably cosmetic)

Same as above....Need help please

I have attached the latest aml as well.




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