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Osx High Sierra Fully working on HP Z600

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that's the way i got my OLD Z600 working with High Sierra

Z600 Specification :

-Dual Xeon L5640

12M Cache, 2.26 GHz, 5.86 GT/s Intel® QPI

- 24.03 GB 1333 MHz DDR3 Reg ECC

-1 SSD 64GB

- 2 X 250GB WD Blue in RAID

1- bios :

Storage > Storage Options

- Removal Media Boot = Enable

- Legacy Diskette Write = Enable

- SATA Emulation = RAID+AHCI

Security > System Security

- Data Execution Prevention = Enable

- Virtualization (VTx) = Disable

- Virtualization (VT-d2) = Disable

- AES Instruction = Enable

Security > Device Security

- Serial port = Hidden

- Internal USB = Hidden

- SAS Controller = Hidden

- Legacy Diskette = Hidden

- Embedded Security = Hidden

Power > OS Power Management

- Runtime Power Man = Enable

- MWAIT-Aware OS = Enable

- Idle Power savings = Extended

- ACPI S3 Hard Disk = Disable

- ACPI S3 PS2 Mouse = Enable

- USB Wake = Disable

- Unique Sleep State = Disable

Power > Hardware Power Management

- SATA Power Manage = Enable

- Intel Turbo Boost = Enable

- Enhanced Intel Turbo Boost = Enable

- EUP Compliance = Enable

Advanced > Processor

- Hyper-Threading = Enable

- Active Cores = All Cores

- Limited CPUID = Disable

Advanced > Chipset/Memory

- PCI SERR# Generation = Disable

- PCI VGA Palette Snooping = Disable

Advanced > Device Options

- Num Lock = Off

- S5 Wake on LAN = Enable

- Multi-Processor = Enable

- Internal Speaker = Disable

- Monitor Tracking = Disable

- NIC PXE = Disable

- SATA RAID Option ROM = Enable

2: installation media

- download high sierra from the App store

- use Install Disk Creator

- use Clover EFI bootloader and choose your usb as a target

3: kexts

- move the kext to other folder in the clover efi folder

- kexts i used

FakeSMC.kext NullCPUPowerManagement.kext . AHCIportinjector.kext . IOAHCIBlockStorageInjector.kext

for audio i used AppleALC.kext . Lilu.kext

only use -V while installing and after that i didn't use any boot flages and no clover modification only use inject Nvidia

my Amd gpu always leads to panic and i can't fix it "Sapphire HD 7770 GHZ edition" so i installed an old gpu Nvidia 210 and it worked nicely so i'll move my Quadro 4000 to this system

**** thats all



IMac18.2: B360n WIFI - i3-8100 - 8GB DDR4 2400MHz - Radeon RX 580 8GB - XPG SX6000 128GB M.2 + 1X 1 TB "mojave"

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I have an HP z600 with dual Xeon x5560 CPUs, and an NVIDIA GTX 590 GPU that I would love to Hackintosh and bring up to Mojave if possible. I noticed that you signature says you have Mojave running. Do you have any suggestions for getting directly to Mojave or should I just follow the instructions above to get High Sierra going and then upgrade to Mojave?

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