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DSDT Patch Request Probook e6550b

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Err...sorry. What issue?

I got 10.11.3 installed. I also upgraded to 10.11.5. I have also fixed QE/CI. I'm sure I'll need DSDT patches to get things working, like Sleep. FYI, I am using Legacy BIOS (NOT UEFI)

Right now, I'm trying to figure out different problem. I dual booted with Windows, then installed 10.11.3/10.11.5. Laptop still boots into Windows directly.

If you can please let me know why you think this laptop will be a problem? :?::?::?:

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Thanks Artur. Here are the symptoms.

Battery Percentage! Good

SD Card - Still don't work. Any kext?

Sleep - Blanks screen, tries to sleep, lights flash but screen stays blank. Not much different before DSDT

FN keys with F9/F10 operational and I can see bar move left and right. Brightness control in Display System Preferences as well. This with ACPIBacklight.kext. One problem - Brightness of display is static, does not change. If I remove kext, then Controls don't work, so I think I need the kext, just that it does not change brightness.


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Hi Artur,

I have fixed my DSDT issues for the most part. There is just one issue. I used _PRW patch to return 0x09 intead of 0x0D so that my laptop can resume from sleep (HDEF, ECH2). HDEF is camera/microphone, while ECH2 was for the SD Card. I say this because my external USB ports continue to work after resume. Problem is Camera will stop working unless I reboot.

So basically my _PRW patch worked for sleeping, but on resume it is not turning camera device "on" again. If you could please tell me if this has a DSDT patch or whether it is kext issue or config.plist issue? That way I can research solution. Right now I'm lost.

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