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Help with Latitude E6510

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you need to provide the wake reason to start with.

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Pentium 4 3.06 2gb 80gb fx5200 (10.5.8)

iMac G3 400Mhz 512mb Rage 8Mb (10.4.11)

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Sorry, not sure I understand the question. Let me describe the symptoms then you can guide me.

If I let the computer go to sleep or if I put it to sleep manually, then the screen blanks out. However, the power button light is not blinking but steady ON. If I press power button it does not bring back the display. The only way to get back is to power cycle.

The way I'm used to e.g. other dell latitude laptops I have installed OS X on is when laptop goes to sleep, the power button light is blinking, and when I press it, immediately I get display back.

Can you please clarify what you mean by "the wake reason"?

PS - I have minimal kexts installed. I have not tried to get SD Card working with VoodooSDHC because in my experience that always breaks sleep. So that is not the cause here. Everything else is working just great, and resume after sleep is the only issue that's a bother.

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