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Need help disabling NVIDIA card!

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Hello users of this amazing forum!

I am a long time reader and I've always admired the talent of the moderators here, we've come a long way... I've successfully set up a dual boot between windows 8.1 and OS X 10.10.4, using Clover. I've an ASUS X550LDV with the following specs:

Intel core i7(haswell)

Intel HD4400

Nvidia geforce 820m

Realtek ALC233

I've managed to get everything working properly, full qe/ci, ethernet, sound, headphones, touchpad, usb, brightness, fn keys.

The only thing I've left to do is patch my dsdt so that the Nvidia card is disabled with OS X, to save some battery and lower the temperature.

It's been 6 months of trial and error on this computer cause I've never been good at ACPI language or DSDT patching.

I would appreciate a lot if anyone would take the DSDT I've attached and Disable NVIDIA.

Thanks so much



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Hey Bro

All working like before, perfect hackintosh that's running better than my girlfriend's Macbook Pro 2012

The NVIDIA card is in the same state I think, because it still show up as a screen

Using your DSDT and SSDT led me to a better performance overall.

I attach the image of my system information,in the graphics department.

Thanks a lot for your efforts.


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