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ASUS M3A78-T dsdt edit request

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So i know you usually aren't supposed to edit a dsdt for an AMD board, but i got major USB issues (detect as expansion slot, not built in), my azalia sound ALC1200 needs voodoohda, nvidia chameleon enabler( 9800GT w/512MB dual DVI)...i have my system running, although it KP's from time to time and sometimes apps just don't want to work (firefox)..i am running SL 10.6.8 with ANV's 10.8.0 legacy kernel with options "-force64 busratio=12"..i have no DSDT in use now, but wonder if it will fix some of my issues.

Included are my extracted dsdt.dsl from windows acpi patcher as well as all tables extracted from windows Everest and the bios rom of the bios i am currently using. there are newer bios roms, but this one(0204) actually works the best. all others give me serious constant kernel panics. Thanks so much for the help!

send me.zip

ASUS M3A78-T MB (790GX/SB750), AMD Phenom X4 9850 2.5Ghz, ALC1200 audio, Nvidia 9800GT 512MB Dual DVI, 4GB ddr2-1066 RAM, Marvell 88E8056 LAN, Snow Leopard 10.6.8 w/ 10.8.0 ANV Legacy Kernel

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