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USB not working on MAC PRO 1,1/1,2


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I've installed Yosemite (and ML, and MAV on separate partitions) on my Mac Pro 1,1 (now with 2,1 firmware). I've tried with both alpha piker and chameleon. Not a graphics issue either, as i've tried both flashed 7300gt and 9500gt... and safe boot.

In all situations my usb devices fail... I'm using usb keyboard and mouse (tried both apple and logitech), and can't login... my mouse pointer hops across the screen and my keyboard clicks repeat!

now in reality i could boot the drive on my supported macbook and remove the login prompts but the issue still stands that my usb ports are not working properly on any unsupported OSx.

i've tried unplugging/replugging that has worked with pc hackintosh in the past, but when i replug they don't even work at all lol.

seems that I need some custom kext or a patched dsdt.

anyone else experience this, or better yet solve this?

what I know:

not dependant on hack method

not dependant on which unsupported OSx i install.

not dependant on with firmware 1,1 and 2,1.

ty ty.

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front usb ports are still flakey, but rear 2.0 work now... installed pcie 3.0 card used genericusbxhci.kext v1.2.8 (rehabman).

only issue is that every time it sleeps/wakes get message "...not ejected properly"... only solution was to buy jettison from app store.

now everything works as it should...

it's bs that i had to buy and app for almost 6$ to correct the issue and that i had to us 3rd party driver and kext dev mode for usb 3.0.

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