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Problemas com Single user !

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Tem como resolver isso ?


Achei a solução obrigado pela ajuda !

Não sabia como se chamava este tipo de senha dai pelo nome achei viw ! ^^

Segue abaixo como fazer !


Enabling Password Protection

1) Boot into the Open Firmware. (Command + Option + O + F)

2) At the command prompt, type "password" (without the quotes, of course). You will be prompted to enter in the password you wish to use. Type your password, press the return key, retype your password again, and press return to verify that that the first password you typed is indeed the password you want. (Note: the password is stored in the "security-password" variable, but the contents of this variable is never shown via the "printenv" command.)

3) Type "setenv security-mode full" OR "setenv security-mode command" OR "setenv security-mode none", depending on which level of security you wish.

4) Then type "reset-all" to restart the computer.

Disabling Password Protection

1) Boot into the Open Firmware. (Command + Option + O + F)

2) Type "setenv security-mode none" and press return.

3) Enter in the password at the password request prompt and press return.

4) Then type "reset-all" to restart the computer.

Force Removing Password Protection

1) Add or remove DIMMs to change the total amount of RAM in the computer.

2) Then, the PRAM must be reset 3 times. (Command + Option + P + R).


Retrieving the Password Used with Software

If you are allready booted into the MacOS the Open Firmware Password can be retrieved by using the application FWSucker created by mSec. We warn you of this program because many administrators believe that their Macs are secure at night when they shut them off just because they have the Open Firmware Password set. Be cautious of this application, and if you are using any desktop security software we suggest keeping this program restricted by it.

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