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Guillermo Osinaldi

Cannot Boot macOS with Latest BIOS Despite Disabled Secure Boot

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Greetings everyone. I have an MSI Z590-A PRO motherboard that I was using to dual boot macOS Sonoma and Windows 11. After upgrading my BIOS to the latest version, which was necessary for critical CPU management enhancements, I can no longer boot into macOS.

Through troubleshooting, I determined the root cause relates to changes involving Secure Boot. Even when I explicitly disable Secure Boot in the BIOS on this updated firmware, macOS still fails to boot. As further confirmation, I flashed an older BIOS version, did not disable Secure Boot initially, and observed the exact boot failure. However, after disabling Secure Boot with the older BIOS macOS starts up flawlessly.

It seems the revised BIOS enables a variation of Secure Boot that blocks loading macOS, despite my attempts to disable this setting. I would greatly appreciate any guidance getting macOS booting again alongside Windows 11 while retaining the critical updates in the newest BIOS release. I’ve attached both my config.plist file and boot diagnostic logs to better assist. Please let me know if any additional details would help troubleshoot this problem.

config.zip opencore-2023-12-14-214139.zip

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