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Display not waking up from sleep

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Hi all!

Recently i have switched from Mountain Lion 10.8.5 to Mavericks 10.9.3 on my laptop Acer Aspire 5740g - intel core i7 620m - ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5470 512 mb. With Mountain Lion i managed to get sleep (and graphics in general) working properly by making a connectors patch and injecting that patch + my custom EDID through the Clover bootloader. Now with mavericks i use that same patch and EDID and the resolution + QE/CI are working good BUT i'm having a little problem with the sleep or to better say, the waking up from sleep. The system goes to sleep properly but when i wake it up, it wakes (i hear the fans and even the system sounds) but the display stays black, no backlight, just black, it doesn't wake up. Now i have tried various edits to the connectors patch but no changes. I even tried different values to the darkwake flag but it didn't work too. I'm considering trying a Sleepenabler kext but i don't even know if it would be a good idea because the system sleeps and wakes, it's just the display that won't wake up. I have to say i don't use a custom-edited DSDT because the patches that come with clover do (or at least used to) the job. I'm just about to try different approach to solve this thing but i don't know which would be the best. I don't understand what is the exact difference between the mountain lion and mavericks sleep thing, i think if i could point that, i could even solve my problem. That's the reason why i'm talking here, maybe someone could help me with this! Any idea, much appreciated.

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i never have sytem wake in 5470m

from sleep black scren


what u want a miracle.. if so u ask to pope Francisco

be glad ur graphics are working

many mac machine don't sleep well

u want a hackintosh .. sleep well .. how many mac netbooks u know works with a 5470m ?

give me 1

good hack

PB Easy Note TM 86 - i5 430 M - H55M - Ram - 6 GB - Alc272 - Radeon HD 5470 512 QE/CI

Lenovo G500 - i5 3230m - HM77 - Ram - 8 GB - Conexant audio - HD 4000

My OS X Files 

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man, i don't need any pope francisco here :D

i had it working perfectly with mountain lion, going to sleep and waking up very good. Now i got it working on mavericks, it's just one little issue. I need some help with the controllers patch, not a miracle :)

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man, you saved me! That's definitely a solution. it is working with hibernatemode 21, but when it wakes, the usb mouse/keyboard are dead.. should i use some other mode? is there any place to look for which would be the best to me?

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ok, i will apply the patch and let you know.

one other thing i have noticed is that, sometimes after hibernation, when i wake it up it doesn't recognized the trackpad and the laptop keyboard behaves strangely (mismatched buttons) and i have to restart but this just happens some times, not all the times.

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Use this code:

perl -e 'open(CMD, "ioreg -lw0 \| grep DSDT|") or die; while(<CMD>) { chomp; if($_ =~ /\"DSDT\.?\d?\"=<([^>]*)>/) { $buff = $1; open(PIP, "|xxd -r -p > dsdt.aml") or die; print PIP "$1"; } }'

Thanks & Regards

IdeaPad Gaming 3i  Aspire A515-52 • Clover / OpenCore
We are in a great Forum, so, let's have some fun and learn from each other!


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