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After installation partition not listed

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I have 2 hard drives. One with Windows and OpenSUSE Linux using grub2 ,the other was just a 3 TB drive for keeping large files. I used gparted to partition the 3TB into 2 partitions. The first one takes up 2,950 GB and the second takes up 50GB. I used Suse Studio for openSUSE to write the raw image of mountain lion. All went fine

When I booted into the install I had to boot using GraphicsEnabler=No -f

I erased the data on the 50GB partition using Disk Utility and formated it to a Mac OS Extended Journaled and named it MAC-OS-X

The first partition on that 3TB drive is called extra_space_2 and is ntfs. The 3TB drive is obviously gpt.

I then closed out of the Disk Utility and clicked on Install. All seemed to go well with the install and my computer rebooted itself.

When booting from the USB I get 4 selections.

hd(0,1) OS X Install USB

hd(1,1) OS (windows)

hd(1,8) extra_space (just extra space on the first hard drive)

hd(2,1) extra_space_2

The Mac-OS-X drive isn't showing.

I thought maybe the boot flag was the culprit so I used a gparted live cd and set the boot flag. Still doesn't show up.

If I select extra_space_2 obviously it comes up with a BOOTMGR is missing error, I need it to boot hd(2,2)

My Sata is already set for AHCI

I have an ASUS p8h61-LE/CSM mobo and i5-2500k cpu

the hard drives are both western digital.

Thank you for any, all help

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Chameleon has a size limit for the boot partition (1 TB), maybe it also fails if the partition starts after the first TB of the HD. I'm just supposing this, I haven't tested it myself.

You can try creating a partition in the beginning of the HD, or try the Clover boot loader. You can download this Mavericks image which has both Chameleon and Clover



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Thank you Perna...

So I downloaded the Maverick image and put it on a 8GB USB flash drive.

Clover recognized my MAC-OS-X partition. I went into options and put GraphicsEnabler=No -f into the boot args.

Then I selected Mountain Lion to boot.

It stopped at USBMSC something or other and then would output "Waiting for root device" every couple of minutes.

Don't know what's up. I have a printer connected, maybe that's the culprit???

I tried with -x as a boot option, as well, to run in safe mode. Same problem.

But now I'm waiting for gparted to move my 2+TB to the right and I'm putting 100GB at the start of my 3TB drive, then I'm going to install to that first partition. Don't know what else to do. I should've tried unplugging my printer, but I had already started gparted. It takes a day to move that amount of data.

Any insight into my problem would be appreciated.

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Well I successfully booted into my hackintosh. I tried moving the intel kext files, but that didn't work. So I tried installing Maverick to my first 100GB partition I made, which took 2 days to make using gparted. But the first thing I tried to do was to erase the partition, and thus format it as journaled. It errored with a encryption disk error. WTF. anyway, I booted into Mountain Lion usb install and chose to erase from there and it had no problems. So I figured maybe Moutain Lion was more stable so I installed that to that first partition. This time it listed it after installation and I successfully booted into a graphical hackintosh via usb bootloader. I installed the chameleon boot loader via the chameleon wizard using boot0 and created the folder /Extra and saved a chameleon.Boot.plist thing there. Don't know if its actually using that or not. I edited it to have the key GraphicsEnabler and string No. I installed FakeSMC from multishit 5.5. I rebooted, booted into openSUSE and ran the script for updating grub2

grub2-mkconfig -o /boot/grub2/grub.cfg

in openSUSE. Rebooted and selected the OS X for 64-bit in the grub2 menu and it booted. But I had no audio and no wifi. I found the kext that worked with artheros AR928x from http://Olarila.com/kexts/ and installed using the recommended kext installer. In multishit I installed the Null cpu power thingy and also the ALC887 driver -Current/no dsdt. I also tried Legacy later.

So now I have wifi on my hackintosh.

What I don't have:

Audio -- System Preferences->Sound->Output says No devices. Don't Know what to do about this, searched and searched. I read my mobo manual and it specifically says ALC 887

USB- my usb seems flakey. It reads devices fine when they are plugged in b4 boot. But if plugged in after boot, it says that I didn't eject it correctly--which I'm not doing, I'm inserting it. Tried to be careful to just stick it in without any movement to make it think I was ejecting it.

non-flickering video. when I go to a new tab in Safari I get flickering on that initial screen. I'm sure I would also get it with any video, cuz the same thing happened on my virtualbox of hackintosh. I'm kinda afraid to do anything with video because once I installed FakeSMC and booted w/o usb it has given me better resolution.

I also don't know how to enter boot options such as -x for safe mode from grub2. I believe it's running the mach-kernel thing directly instead of using the boot file. I'll have to experiment with that. If I hit e, I can edit the grub2 entry and there is a list of arguments being sent, but I don't know if -x would work with that. Once you're booted how do you know if you are in safe mode? -- EDIT actually I just read that it says it at the login screen, I'll have to try -x.


okay so I figured out that I wasn't using chameleon at all. I made my own menu entry in grub 2 and used multiboot /boot to boot into chameleon. Then I started messing with the boot options in chameleon wizard. I tried setting my SMBios thing to the two Sandy Bridge items. This works fine and I selected the SMBios in the chameleon boot plist ( if someone has trouble with the + sign not doing anything, click just below it). However neither of the two SMBios things made a difference in safari with new tab. Installed the intel kexts back from the intelhd_backup folder I made. This made a world of difference, it prevented me booting into hackintosh. Luckily I can boot into hackintosh just fine with that grub menu entry that bypasses chameleon. For some reason my wifi didn't work then, though. I moved the intelhd kexts back to the intelhd_backup folder and chameleon booted.

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