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Need some help with DSDT edit that isn't working - AR9285

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I have a Dell Inspiron 3521 with a i3 3217u, HM76 chipset and 10.9.2 installed (mostly installed, one thing at time...) :)

I am trying to get a AR9285 wifi card working with DSDT edits. I have tried multiple different edits with various results, but none have resulted in a working wifi. The card is 2b model. Searched the entire internet it seems and no one seems to have a similar problem (lucky me)....

If I patch with just a method, the system info will show a 168c:2b card installed and of course it does not work with the vanilla kexts. If I patch with a ARPT device and method, system info says there are no PCI cards installed.

The other odd thing is that in IORegExplorer if you click on the root port (RP02 in my case) it shows the version of card that I have in the DSDT file (2a or 30), if you drill down it has the info for the 2b.

The card is accepted and functions, I tested with a Win8 usb install. Card loads up and connects to network in Win8, so no whitelist problems.

I have attached the DSDT, an IORegExp Dump and a screen capture of the system info window. DSDT just has the method style patch, it seems to give some results... I'm hoping someone could look it over and give me an idea of what is going wrong. The only problem I have is I get a warning for 64bit info in a 32bit box when I compile the DSDT, but it does not prevent compiling.


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It works just fine. Thank you.

Now for the important part... The why?

So what I see different is this

                       Unicode ("0"), 


Originally I had this

            Unicode ("0"), 


Most of the DSDT patches only have what I had. I am supposed to fill in the blanks on some of these items? How do you know what to put in there?

Sorry for the badgering, but I want to be prepared for the next few things that I will need to edit.

Thanks for your help.

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