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hello to all on forum, as u can see im new here and new to hackintosh, i tried it a couple of years ago but never really got it going and gave up , but im of work for 2 weeks and thought i,d give it another go , been @ it 4 a week but no avail the nearest i got was crashing at the apple screen so i now have to ask for help (ive tried without asking but now i need help or i will give up again) anyway


I have an asrock board .... N68C-GS FX

it has no "AHCI" option in the bios and I have an "AMD Athlon II x4 620" Processor

I keep either installing wrong kexts or get confused I have downloaded Mavericks 109.9 from apple and my hack util...and other bootloaders and files and images but i still cant get it to work without crashing .

So i formatted the hdd so i can try again (hopefully with bit of help)

I am using a 16gig usb flash drive

and I have included cpuz system info so u can read my pc spec.. also included system info from Olarila sys inf.

is there anychance someone could look @ my spec and point me in right direction please ., Im not looking to e spoonfed just a little help please as im running ou of patience but i wold like to achieve my goal of a working mac on my pc ..,.,.

thanks in advance for any info/help regarding above




I am @ present using lion on vmware to work and i have a spare hdd

thanx again (here,s hoping ) feel free to post



cpuz .rar

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