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HELP! AppleLPC stop Sleep...

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Hello to all, I'll explain the problem...


The machine is at the bottom, the Boot loader: Chameleon r2377

kext: fakesmc, applehda, GenericUSBXHCI.kext x USB 3.0, AppleRTC patched,

patched AppleIntelCPUPowerManagement, AppleLPC ver. 1.5.1 ( test 10.6.8 )


So if I start with DSDT=NULL, the system is operating at 99% except for the audio and the absence of loading the kext: AppleLPC. The sleep function is activated after 20 seconds (so it works only in mavericks, but no problem) by pressing the power button or from: Apple Menu>Stop. Wake up fast without restarting. Problem is with shutdown for the absence of the DSDT .


With patched DSDT (attached to post) with the essentials, without errors, to inject AppleLPC (3a18), and then loaded, when I try to go to sleep after 20 seconds the usb go in sleep but the pc stays on, to put him to sleep total I have to press the power button on the pc. Only a few times, repairing permissions and rebuilding the cache, the sleep works.


It would therefore seem a problem with all'AppleLPC. I do not understand if I miss a fix in DSDT...? if there is a patch for this kext...?


But does anyone know if it is essential to load at startup, the computer seems to behave regularly without it, including speedstep...


Thanks in advance for the help...


Asus M12F - i9 10900k - RAM 32GB - RX5700XT SE Nitro+ 8GB - BS 11.1

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