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DSDT for HA65M-UD3H-B3 with i3225 (bios f7b) Maverick

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Had to upgrade to bios f7b to get above mentioned mobo and processor running.

Managed to install maverick to above. Graphics and sound are no good yet prior to patching dsdt and running multishit. Tried to patch with txt file for Mobo and MACiasl from Olarila

I cannot save the compiled dsdt, probably due to compile errors (#5).

Would like to use HD4000 graphics and HDMI audio.

Help very much appreciated.

Edit: I have to boot with -x. If I use DSDT=NULL, then I also have compile errors before patching in maciasl?

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I have made some progress.

I found DSDT editor and did extract DSDT.

Patched with http://Olarila.com/Packs/Gigabyte/GA%20HA65M-UD3H-B3.txt

Compiled and fixed errors.

Ran multi beast and machine boots ok. Graphics are OK (HD4000) with DVI

Have to check my HDMI

Also have to work on my analog audio jacks. They don't work yet. => Help

My USB speakers work fine.

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