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pmap_steal_memory and -200 GB RAM??

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Hi, I'm trying to install 10.9.x on an old dell poweredge 2950 III.

it has two e5420 quad xeons, so i wasn't anticipating too many issues with the processor, as the real mac pros obviously run on xeons. it also has 32 GB ram and is a 2U server, so GPU options are limited. I think the mobo is dell's own.

When I boot a 10.6-10.9.3 USB installer, it kernel panics, showing "pmap_steal_memory"

No problem kexts are given. Another thing is when I load the myhack bootloader, it shows as having NEGATIVE 200 something GIGABYTES of memory. i've tried a number of different memory configurations; changing the sticks, rearranging them, only one, only two, only four, etc. I've also done all the boot flags I can find, including:

-x -v -f -F maxmem=4096 PCIRootUID=1 GraphicsEnabler=No IGPEnabler=Yes arch=i386 wait=yes

None of them solve the pmap_steal_memory KP, and wait=yes and arch=i386 don't do anything but reload the bootloader.

I've also tried maxmem as many ways as I can think of, down to 1024.

the unishit bootloader memory check shows a different display, a bunch of numbers reading type 1, 2, and 3. then one that says -20453784. I thought that maybe this was one stick, but, like I said, reconfiguring the physical ram sticks doesn't change the position of that big number, nor does it seem to affect anything except the amount of ram displayed during the BIOS' boot.

however; changing the physical amount of RAM did change the oddly displayed number to be slightly more or less. it seems that w/ 32GB installed it shows somewhere around -180 GB, whereas only having 8 GB shows -204. so it's as if the system is starting with -212 GB memory and goes up from there. strange.

I tried adding a discrete GPU, which allowed me to see the BIOS splash screen, before going dark. A different GPU got me to windows 7 auto recovery mode. i took them both out and returned to integrated.

FWIW, disabling the RAID controller seemed to do nothing, though I did not try removing drives. The configuration is 6 SAS drives in RAID 10.

anyone see this before, or have any ideas?

pics attached.







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