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Ralink RT2860 with Mavericks

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Hey !

I installed Mavericks successfully on my PC with most of the things working.

For my wireless card i found a kext in your Database. (Rt2860WirelessDriver Version 1.2.2)

When i hit the download button i have two files to choose. One says x64 for Mavericks. But when i load the Kext with KextUtility and restart the kext won't load.

Also Kext Wizard says that the kext is not 64bit ! So whats wrong with it ?

I checked the info.plist and my device id is in there !

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Instead of installing the kext and then restarting the PC, check what happens if you simply try to load the kext:

cd folder_containing_the_kext
sudo chown -R 0:0 name_of_the_kext_file.kext
sudo chmod 755 name_of_the_kext_file.kext
sudo kextload name_of_the_kext_file.kext

You'll probably see some errors there. Post them here :) If not, then try:

kextstat | grep Wireless

And see if the kext shows up there.

This procedure is only for isolating any possible installation problem... And you'll be able to check better what problems do you have there.

It is possible that the kext in the database is really wrong. The official link for these drivers is http://mediatek.com/_en/07_downloads/01_windows.php?sn=502

As you can see there, it is reported to work up to 10.5... Then maybe it's really 32-bit, but it might still work for 10.9.

Good luck! ;)

Mavericks 10.9.2 Retail

When you ask for support, remember to tell the bootloader you use :)

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