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asus uj43c

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Hi, this is my first post, I was wondering if anybody could give me some suggestions. I recently came across a asus uj43c, it has 1st gen. intel, and nvida optimus. I have been able to install Mavericks with Niresh, I have sound, wifi, and full QE and CI, with the right kexts, and changing my wifi card. Overall I am happy, and the laptop works well. Some things I would like to fix, if possible, getting hdmi or vga out to work, I have also noticed that wake from sleep does not work, as well as volume and brightness keys. I am using voodoo hda, I would prefer not to, use voodoo and I believe it was causing problems with the track pad. I have not done much with dsdt, and I am thinking that dsdt mods may help. I know i am not giving a lot of technical information, but its just a general question, thanks

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First of all, congratulations for what you've done so far. It would be however a lot better if you didn't use a distro. The image provided by these forums is retail which helps a lot on finding issues, because the modifications done by the distros get out of our scope, we never know what has been done and what could be influencing your computer behaviour.

Now about your questions:

  • VGA/HDMI for Intel HD Graphics is a problem. HDMI is not supported and VGA is only supported if you don't use the laptop's display. Read here.
  • Wake from sleep and commands with the Fn key: DSDT patches are required. Check on the link if you can identify the ones for your processor family.
  • Audio without Voodoo: check here if you can find the kext for your sound card.

Mavericks 10.9.2 Retail

When you ask for support, remember to tell the bootloader you use :)

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