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successfully installed mavericks but now wont boot up

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i had windows on one hdd and mac os on another hard drive....come to find out i installed a newer version of realtek drivers which altered my bios ive pin pointed my problem and i think it goes deeper than mac os im gonna have to do some research thanks

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First of all, thank you so much for the bootable USB installer, it is great.

I installed from USB, but I can't get it boot from HD installing Clover, neither Chameleon. However, it boots fine from USB selecting the "Boot from ".

How can I install clover to my OSX partition so I would have the same settings as in the bootable USB? I'm booting from the USB every time I want to use Mavericks.

Thanks by advance.

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First you need to enable Disk Utility to see the hidden partitions such as EFI. Please read: http://macs.about.com/od/usingyourmac/qt/Enable-Disk-Utilitys-Debug-Menu.htm

Then reopen Disk Utility and in the new Debug menu option, check "show every partition".

You should now see the EFI partitions from both your HDD and USB drive. Mount them.

Now you just need to copy the EFI folder in the USB EFI partition to the HDD EFI partition. If you have already installed Windows, probably there's already an EFI folder there, containing a Microsoft sub-folder - don't erase it!

When you finished copying, reboot the PC and use the USB again. You should now see the button "Clover options" twice. One of them is related to the USB and the other one to the Sata (enter each one to verify it). On this latter you should select "Add Clover as a boot option". Try to reboot without the USB, it should be done now :)

Suggestion: don't erase your USB Clover, it will be always handy to have it on USB when doing modifications to the system. Always try your modifications in the USB Clover and when you're sure it works good, then copy your work to the HDD.

Mavericks 10.9.2 Retail

When you ask for support, remember to tell the bootloader you use :)

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