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DSDT for Dell Precision T3500

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I am currently trying my luck with 10.6.8 on a Dell T3500, which is working already 90% - the only lacking thing is sleep (and proper output volume setting for the ADI1984A).

Using the Chimera/Easybeast route, I can get it with sleepenabler to fall asleep, but wakeup is delayed (1-2 minutes) and the onboard Ethernet does not recover (remains "unplugged").

Well, next step is to try the DSDT route.

I extracted the table and tried to port some fixes from a DSDT made for the somewhat similar T5500 and T7500, but using that did not help: System behaves otherwise well, but sleep is the same as without DSDT and without sleepenabler, i.e. goes to some low power state but not to the proper state and never wakes up.

HW is:

- X58/ICH10 chipset

- W3680 CPU

- Quadra FX 1800


Any ideas what could be wrong, e.g. in the DSDT?

Best regards,





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