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Plz Help, How to install Mac.OSX.Mavericks.10.9.GM.13A603


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Hello Guys, Plz help if you can

This is first time trying to install Mac OS x, Currently i downloaded DMG file for Mac OSX Mavericks 10.9 GM Build 13A603 PC Hackintosh - 109GM.dmg size = 5.63 GB, Tried to burn it to DVD or 8 GB USB Flash Memory using TransMac Program but failed, getting message that Image size too large ( 31 GB ) wont fit the USB Stick.


Used dmg2img.exe to convert that dmg file to Iso or img file but I'm getting 32 GB img file, very big can not burn or use.

Tried to install 109GM.dmg in virtual box last version 4.3.6 but getting error message ( Still Waiting for Root device )

Plz guide to install on Virtual Box and on My Laptop, How to modify in this file, and install correctly, I have very slow internet connection can not download any new Iso of DMG files.

Thanks Guys

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this happened to me before too. i guess it's just shitty download or something. i want to suggest you re-download raw image from here: http://Olarila.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=31&t=3836 (10.9) or here: http://Olarila.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=9&t=4146 (10.9.1). unfortunately, it's the easiest solution. to run in virtualbox u need to download the package for virtual box again, then modified the dmg in OSX.

well, if you/your friends/family has Mac/hackintosh, you can try to modify the dmg file in disk utility, still the easier is just download the raw from here.

good luck

Acer 4740 (i3 330M, Intel Graphic HD, 2 gB ram). OSes: Mavericks 10.9.1 | Windows 8.1 Pro. Bootloader: Clover

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