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Please, help me whit DSDT and SSDT. Im really lost here.

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Hi,biggrin.png i would like to start by saying that this is a great forum, i learned a lot.

I make a hackintosh with Mavericks on my laptop hp dv6-6170us and its has a really good performance.

The installation method i used was using a USB with unishit.

For now, I was able to run several things, including:

Sound: With VoodooHDA.kext. (I saw a guide on the internet, explaining what to do to make it work with the DSDT and AppleHDA. I will put it into practice and I will tell you the results)

Usb: At first only worked two ports (USB 2.0) but after I used my own DSDT, which I patched with various patches (EHCI, HPET, RTC, IRQs and several others) i could make it work the other 2 ports (USB 3.0)

Battery: With VoodooBattery.kext, but does not work very well. For example, when the battery is not inserted but the laptop is connected to power, the battery status in the menu bar shows this: "There is no battery available. Power source: Battery".

It is a bit contradictory, since the battery is not inserted.

But if it is inserted or is inserted before turning on the laptop, the indicator is displayed correctly and mark the remaining time of the battery, which is certainly not much, about 2 hours.

Trackpad y keyboard: With VoodooPS2.

It runs with an I7 2630QM sandybridge processor, so its using the Intel HD 3000 Graphics but it has a dedicated ATI RADEON 6770m video card, wich depends on the DSDT im using, its shown in the information system but that's just cosmetic.

I am very happysmile.png with the results, but now I want to polish the detailsabnormal.png and therefore i would like to correct and/or edit the DSDT and SSDT files that I have, in order to optimize the system.encouragement.png


If anyone could help me, i could upload the files I've done the extractions of DSDT and SSDT.

What most interests me is to edit the DSDT and SSDT in order to activate the P-states and C-states.

And maybe then fix other things on the DSDT regarding the brightness the sleep, operate natively with AppleHDA audio and eliminate unnecessary kexts.

I will appreciate your help.

greetings and have a good life.

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