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[NVIDIA MCP73V] help after install

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[ i have set the chipset in the title of the topic so it will help others having it to find the right solution because all "patched files" are done for a specific chipset ]

i have an old mainboard MSI P6NGM-L with the nvidia chipset and an ati hd3870 . http://www.msi.com/product/mb/P6NGM-L.html#/?div=Detail

cpu is a 8400 duo core http://ark.intel.com/products/33910

i installed your release and then came the first boot....where i have a white screen .

so i used -x and then i booted , and did the password and others settings , by now if i use -x i have the white screen during 5 seconds before having the log in display . if i do not use -x then display stay white . i tried to read the kernel.log in /vart/log but i did not saw it , i also deleted the AppleIntelCPUPowerManagement.kext [ i wonder if it is needed for my cpu ? ] or used graphicsenabler=no but it changed nothing...

i wait to learn , i am very interrested by this os , i have it "running" on a second pc , but now it is opened for a mem , vga and cpu update , i had the luck on ebay to find them at very low price and having never been used .

it ran well with win 7 but win 8 is swapping so much that it "kills"the recent ssd intel 520 i installed and it is the same with the win to kingston stick . with mac os x 10.9 , the kingston stick works well and never get hot [ while it does with win 8 togo ] . one thing is the pc have to shut down with mac os and can restart immediately [ while win 8 togo needs also to unplug and replug the stick...]

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