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10.8.5 Usb problem on HP DV6

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I have a laptop hp dv6 6b41sf who worked pretty well under mountain lion, but after the last update, i have to re-patch aicpm.kext, so it boot again without nullcpu, but no more usb,exept with -x

The weird thing is if i boot with -f, it's slow to boot, but it's okay,usb back again,but non responding on my mouse clic, like system is at 100% or finder have to be reset (i succeed to only one time).

If i boot from an usb key with same chameleon as system has, and no spécial flags, it's ok too and work normally...

Maybe, it's because i don't patch the original 10.8.5 aicpm kext, but the patched kext from multishit, because i tied it before, so after i no longer had the original kext...

Maybe someone can give me the untouched kext so i patch it...?

I attached my dsds,ssdt,plist chameleon and aicpm.kext and fakesmc, maybe that can be useful.

If you've got an idea, and even if you don't, thank you!


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so i delete some fake smc plugin, update my voodoo sound driver, repair permissions, and now i'm stuck at : iobluetoothhcicontroller missing bluetooth controller transport.

So actually i use -f to start and everything's ok, but i don't think it's the best way to do.

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