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VM on windows 8 installation issues.

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Good day! im really stuck on installing OS X on my intel PC. I followed instructions here (http://lifehacker.com/5938332/how-to-run-mac-os-x-on-any-windows-pc-using-virtualbox) very carefully but when i reach "Click on the CD icon at the bottom of the VirtualBox window and select "Choose a Virtual CD/DVD Disk File". This time, choose your hacked Mountain Lion ISO." pressed F5 then enter it says

Loading Darwin

cant find /mech_kernel..

Pres any key to continue..

Im really confused? maybe i downloaded the wrong OS X iso? im using this one btw: Mac OS X Mountain Lion 10.8.4 (installer from Mac App Store) its a .dmg file and i converted it to ISO. using PowerISO. but still fails.

laptop Specs

Intel Core i5

8 GB ram

Windows 8

Thank you very much! Olarila!

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Hi ! Thank you very much!

Now following my guide (http://lifehacker.com/5938332/how-to-ru ... virtualbox). which on should i download

This one




Sorry for the newbie question. Im just starting from scratch and reading different topics. Is this the most effective way?

I already have latest Virtual Box software, Hackboot 1 & 2, and a multishit.

You help/advice would be much appreciated.

Thanks oralila!

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