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audio and graphics hd 3000 help

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ok lets start with graphics, it seems from the screen shots that i got the hd 3000 to work successfully however I'm experiencing some red squares that flashes when i use the notification centre and the lanchpad is laggy and take long time to load. finally youtube doesnt work it displays a black screen and everything else is flashing.(i have adobe flash)


i have tried many but non were successful, i got the voodoo in my prefpane in system preferences. i have tried 2.7.4/3

i will attach my system info for you to tell me whats the problem, and when i downloaded the voodoo i was able to hear a shshshshshsh in the speakers, reduced noise but nothing.

p.s. i'm sorry to say this but, plz if you provide me with links make sure they r in english! as i can't read any language except english, arabic and some french! thnx




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