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Help for configuring ML

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I've finally got installed Mountain Lion on my Hackintosh PC:



Maximus Formula

Apple Keyboard

Apple mighty mouse

It seems to have recognoized the graphic card so i've the correct resolution, but i've some troubles to get audio and ethernet working.

Which kext should I use?

Which is the best DSDT I can get? the one from windows(AIDA) or from OSX?

How can I edit correctly it for my Hardware?


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Thank You for Your reply!

I've managed to install ethernet using LegacyAppleYoukon2.kext editing the plist with my devID, the same i did for the Audio, i got it working using VoodooHDA for AD1988b editing with my soundcard devID.

Now the last thing to do is to get sleep working. How can i do this?

i've googled a bit but i found no working solutions...

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After a bit reading, trying and reinstalling.. :oops: i've managed to get video natively working (without GE=yes), ehternet working only with legacy youkon 2, audio working with voodoohda 2.7.2...

I've edited my DSDT and created an SSDT, i've achieved to get speed step and sleep working.

I've only some minor problems:

My Apple keyboard can't wake my system, i can wake it up only with mouse or power button.

Restart isn't working after sleep.

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