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Trouble with Intel 4600

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Hello! I'm not sure if this is the right place to ask this, but I'm desperate for help. Got Mojave running on my PC which has an i7 4790k and a GTX 1660 ti. I know the card is unsupported, but I can only get the computer to display when I'm plugged into DisplayPort on the GPU. Plugging hdmi into the motherboard doesn't give me any image. On top of this, I get some pretty frequent slowdowns and graphical glitches and screen tearing. For instance, in Logic Pro I don't see the playhead at all. My display section in the "about this Mac," window says "Display 8 mb."

Thanks to anyone that responds to this!



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Your graphics acceleration is disabled, in short your iGPU isn't setup yet. I also have a 1660ti and am not using my dGPU as well, external displays may or may not work, but as far as I know it will not since most optimus configurations doesn't allow it to. Have you downloaded the appropriate EFI for your CPU here? 

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Sharing my EFI won't make any difference, we have different parts, especially CPUs. There's a navigation tab for EFI folders, look for the appropriate one for you. How were you able to install Mac in the first place? You normally need to copy the EFI from the installation device to make it work without the installer, but other than that most tutorials/guides mentions the customization that needs to be done (getting kexts, configuring the SSDTs and etc.). Try checking out some tutorials in the forum.

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