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I think it applied??

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Couple of really basic questions - answers are probably so easy that's why I can't see them :-)

Artur was so kind as to generate a patched DSDT for me. I keep reading the threads on DSDT application, but since I'm soooo noob at this I need to verify if 1) I "installed" the DSDT.aml file correctly, and then 2) how do I know for sure/verify??

Instructions say to put it in the "root of the boot partition", or secondarily in the /Extra folder. I not sure exactly where the root of the boot partition is - I only have OS X 10.8.4 installed, so my assumption is that the root drive has to be the top most folder of my HDD? When I open the viewer window for "Computer" it has two icons, one is my HDD name and the other "Network". So, I put the DSDT.aml in this top level folder by double clicking on my HDD name. I also see Applications, EFI, Library, System, and Users folders in there. Did I get it correct? Out of panicing I tried to find the /Extra folder and I can't see it in any of these folders/directories???

So, how do check/know for sure the DSDT applied correctly? I found threads on how to pull your DSDT inside OS X but I wouldn't know if that was the patched one or not since I didn't do the editing on it. Is there an easy way to verify?

Thanks much,


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If you have an EFI folder it means you use Clover, not Chameleon


You should put DSDT.aml in /EFI/CLOVER/ACPI/patched


You can check if it was loaded in /Library/Logs/CloverEFI/boot.log

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Yes - using latest Clover bootloader.

Just rebooted with the DSDT.aml in the /patched folder. However, when I open /Library/Logs, I only have the following in there: DiagnosticReports folder, PostgreSQL folder, LKDC-setup.log, stackshot-syms.log, and stackshot.log files. No CloverEFI folder??

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Hi Artur - I did not run any scripts. I can open the console app and it shows the same list of folders and files under /Library/Logs = no "boot.log" file

I also read in one of the installation threads pointed to earlier that if you have a config.plist file in the OEM/SystemProductName folder that it won't load the patched DSDT.aml ?? So I deleted that OEM config.plist, but no difference that I can notice..

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man the scripts from the clover pkg install

good hack


OK, now I owe two beers....thanks artur. And YES, I do see the boot.log file now and it does say it loaded a DSDT.aml from the /patched folder. I even see in there that the Vendor ID and Device ID for my Yukon Marvell 88e8071 gigabit LAN card is found, but in my system devices it still shows no LAN devices :-( My guess is that this will take a customized kext to make work? And same for my O2micro card reader - doesn't show up. It does however list out my Firewire port and at least it recognizes I have a USB 2.0 Web Cam, but not sure if it actually works yet.

Can I post my boot.log file here so that maybe artur or pernacabeluda or other guru's could scan it for any remaining errors or potential problems???

So this is excellent, I'm actually getting pretty close to a functional/usable hackintosh. Just so I don't violate posting rules and protocols, I guess I need to go to another forum to work out the final device kinks?

Oh ya, should I reinstall that /OEM folder config.plist file??

Many, many thanks,


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