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eth pci kernel panic

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I' really in troubles with my build:

Asus P6T

GeForce 9600GT

All works fine since years, but last week i found a 'new' pci network card that i want to use: broadcom bcm5701, supported from official 10.8 bcm57xx kext.

But when i plugged the card in the pci slot i got errors and the boot stuck.

If i boot in -v i get KP


if i use -V -X a get this error


The card works fine in the same slot if i boot in linux,

If i put a Usb pci into the slot, i get the desktop and ioreg correctly show the usb card.

I also tried to move both, broadcom and 9600gt.

The first one or two times i started the Mac with the new card i reach the desktop, the card wasn't recognized but in ioreg appeared......... But now i'm stuck!

Without the broadcom my hack works fine, dsdt is perfect so i use only the fakesmc, audio and realteklan (that i want disable...).

Thanks in advance

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try to see what PciRootUID the graphics have ?

try with 0 and 1

good hack


Tried yesterday evening and nothing change still get the sane error.

Sorry for not told about this test but i've done tons of test and i forgot about this.

Thanks again for your help!

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