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No trackpad/usb after installation

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Hi everyone. First thank you to everyone who helps make all of this possible. I have been working for months (off and on) to get OS X on my laptop HP DV7-6b75nr and could get it to install fine but never boot! I've finally gotten it to boot after installing using iATKOS ML2 and the right set of options. And i did buy mountain lion so please dont ban me.

So now here's my biggest problem. The trackpad and usb worked during installation but not after.

I can get it to work if i boot in to safe mode but thats it.. USBBusFix and EHCIhard do not fix it. Neither does -f, -F, pciroot=1

I got to this point this morning, then totally hosed everything when I tried to fix it using chameleon wizard (i think, i dont remember honestly, I'm doing this on my desktop also at the same time), and had to spend all day just to get back to this point again, so now that its working, i dont want to go further alone.

Specs on the laptop


i7-2670QM (only showing 1 core)

HD3000 (working)

RADEON 6770M (detected but not working, later issue)


USB 3.0

Fingerprint scanner

WIFI intel centrino N 1030 + bluetooth & WiDi (none of it working obviously)

card reader


DVD-RW/Blu-Ray player (CD-RW portion works at least, i successfully burnt a disc)

installed to a dedicated drive (tri booting off ssd & hdd my goal)

..I know most of that will never work

other issues that might help figure this out:

Laptop display does not show anything after boot.. It works during install and boot but not once you get to the desktop. HDMI works. It can sense the display because at first, it'll be in extended mode till I close the laptop and it switches the desktop to HDMI only.

It crashes after about 10 mins of running.. The fan is working. When you go to shutdown the laptop actually powers off (unlike my desktop)

no sound

The attached ZIP has the bootloader log file and an exported dsdt. the screenshots are of devices and their IDs

I'm guessing i need some kext's or to edit them.. I know where they're at on the system and how to edit them, if someone can tell me exactly what to change.

Please help me out. Thanks immensely in advance.





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I solved most of my issues using the appropriate kext's and installing them using the utility under Tools. I also used DSDT editor to pull my dsdt and patched it using a file that was closest to my laptop. I now have working


usb 2.0

internal screen


I ordered TP-LINK TL-WN725N Nano Wireless N150 Adapter to solve wifi issues, intel centrino will never work.

Now to fix sleep, sound and only showing 1 cpu

I've been trying the voodoo installer but it fails every time..


thank you

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