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midi server can't start

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Hello guy

My problem comme MIDI (sorry my anglish is not good i french :D )

I installing osx iatkos ml2 10.8.2 in my pc all it's ok but i have one problem with the midi server AMS :( the message is can't open midi server.

I have m audio axiom 49 keyboard USB and it appears in system information.

I use pro tools m powered 8 it start no problem but after 3 or 4 minutes

I reinstalling the system properly without pro tool but the problem persist

if you have a solution or advice


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Nobody can help me?

I did a test with vmware osx 10.8.2 and lunch and studio AMS runs without problems, so I guess the problem come from osx system.

It's a shame because pro tools works great but without keyboard is less convenient.

I search on the net but I did not find anything that can help me.

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