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PLEASE HELP !!! list of patches..

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Hi to all,,i hope some1 can help me...

Till today i have been lucky with my hackintosh..ive always found a dsdt already patched in internet..but id love to patch my own...

I already know what apps to use and how to ..but id like to know at least basic patches.. i mean which ones do i need and what they do..?

Would some1 be so kind too give me a link or do me a list of patches and what they are for?..for example the only thing that i cant get to work on my GA-HA65M-D2H-B3 is the sleep..which patch do i need to apply to my dsdt.aml?? (i´ve already patched AppleIntelCpupowermanagement.kext..but doesnt wake up)

thank u !!!!!


intel quad core2400 3.10 turbo3.30

GTX 260

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