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Having trouble with RLC8168 Ethernet


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Hey folks,

Just this morning, I had perfectly functional ethernet connectivity. However, I was having some intermittent connection drops (or lost packets). After some extensive testing on my Windows partition and other computers, I determined that the problem wasn't my ISP or my router, but instead isolated pretty much to my OSX Mountain Lion installation.

In an effort to fix this, I decided to update my ethernet kext file. I was using Lnx2Mac's Realtek drivers. I uninstalled these and installed these and installed the official Apple Realtek kext (into IONetworkingFamily.kext). I rebooted the machine and saw that my internet wasn't working. Not a big deal, I had the old kext backed up for this purpose. I went into IONetworkingFamily and deleted the official Apple Realtek plugin and proceeded to reinstall my backed up kext under S/L/E. I rebuilt the cache and repaired the permissions with Kext Wizard.

When I rebooted back into OSX, something really weird happened.

My Ethernet connection showed up as active. It had an IP address and a subnet mask. However, it did not have a Router IP and a DNS server. As such, even though it showed up as active, I could not connect to the internet. I tried my usual router restart with no results. At this point I'm pretty stumped. No idea how to proceed.

I've attached a Send me.zip below in case that helps anyone out there to figure this out. Would really appreciate some guidance on the subject. I *am* running a custom DSDT.aml right now for audio settings, just FYI.

Thanks heaps!

Send me FlyingTinOpener.zip

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try this one


with the original ionetworkingfamilly

good hack


I just applied this kext. First restored a vanilla IONetworkingFamily.kext from my installation USB. Deleted conflicting/old kext(s) for RLC8168, installed the new one you linked via Kext wizard, repaired permissions and rebuilt the cache before booting up.

The same problem persists still. Ethernet looks "Connected", but there's only an IP Address (169.254.xxx.xxx) and Subnet mask ( The network config window does not show a Router IP, a DPS Server or a Search Domain. They're all blank.

Also, even weirder than that, the Ethernet connection actually remains "Connected" even if I UNPLUG the cable. So basically disconnecting the computer physically doesn't change whether or not the OS detects a connection. It's the weirdest thing ever. :(

Edit: I should add that my router is unable to "see" my Mac in this case, whereas the Mac somehow thinks that it's connected when it clearly isn't.

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I came across this website (http://mergy.org/2012/09/mountain-lion-ethernet-problems-check-internet-sharing/) when googling for this problem. Right now, my configuration screen looks EXACTLY like that.

It makes me wonder if something went wrong and that my network now thinks that I have Internet Sharing turned on when I actually don't. I went into Sharing and double checked for this. It shows off. So weird.

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