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Help with msi h61m-p31 (g3)

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THANK YOU ARTUR!!!! I appreciate your help VERY much!!!

ok here is what happened:

i copied the dsdt.aml to the desktop, ran 'multishit' put user dsdt. selected 887 sound (current), trim, macmini6.1.

install went successfully. i restarted, ML loads in like 3 seconds, sleep/wake for display on DVI works perfectly. system sleep/wake works , however when the system wakes, the mouse and keyboard and very jumpy(lag) . before that, everything is smooth. It feels like the processors are 100% loaded, but I checked and both processors are idle.

Also the sound does not work, it worked before when I ran multishit without dsdt and selected 887 current (without dsdt). should i try again with that option?

Just as information for anyone who might be interested:

I checked with CPUID for mac, and the chip shows as 2.6ghz, doesn't look like speedstep is working.

I checked the power draw, the computer is pulling around 43 watts avg at IDLE, and about 58 watts under full load.

Temperature range is between 29C and 39C idle to load. ambient temp in room is 25 C.

geekbench score is approx 4800 range , which beats my other hackintosh with a stock quad core q6600 processor @ 2.4ghz

xbench results are approx around 285-300 range. however i have to uncheck the thread test, or else the test hangs at the thread test.

board and processor msi h61m-p31 + g1610 Ivy bridge Celeron 60 USD

vid card GeForce 210 1GB 64-bit DDR3: 30 USD

psu 500watt corsair: 50 USD

kingston ddr3 1600mhz (running at 1333 due to chip) : 40 USD

intel ssd: 70 USD

+ about 60 USD worth of rebates

= total cost ~190USD

i will update to 10.8.2 now and see if that makes any difference to the system, as i read that better ivy bridge support is included in the update.

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like i say before in dsdt is already injected hdef layout 12 for applehda , if u use with "beast" thing hdaenabler for alc887 it don't work, must read, are two way to install mac os x the easy way or the right way, but the right way must read a lot, googling and persistency, if u cpu is a ivy, must use ssdt for power management.


good hack

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Lenovo G500 - i5 3230m - HM77 - Ram - 8 GB - Conexant audio - HD 4000

My OS X Files 

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