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Fix DSDT on Asus N55SF (HD 3000)

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Hello everybody !!!!

In first "sorry for my bad english, i'm french ^^"

So, i want to turn on my graphic card HD3000, on my hackintosh, and to do that, i need to patch my dsdt. I use DSDT editor on windows, but i can't find a patch for my motherboard on your website... it's an ASUS N55SF, i find just one for N53JF / JQ.... But it uses HD3000 too, so i want to know if i can modify my own DSDT, with the right values find on the patch for N53JF or JQ...

And if it's possible, what are the values ​​I need to change ? :)

Thank you all !

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Ha sorry, my hackintosh was already installed.

I use windows just for extract a clean DSDT.

I'm sure i need a patched DSDT because i have a bad resolution, and no kexts fix that on my hackintosh !

Thank for your reply ^^

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Arg... i can't compile the .aml, when i put your 2fixes (DualLink and DTGP)...

When i put "DTGP", i can compile the .aml (zero error after "fix errors")

And when i put "DualLink" (1 error afte "fix errors")

the error is : "name already exists in scope (_DSM)" line 8639...

i'm totally lost haha !

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