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Dell Optiplex 980 i5 SFF - ALC269 - Audio Hiss

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I have used VoodooHDA 0.2.61 to get audio working on this machine however there is a terrible background hiss and the volume control does not work it just ends up muting it when full off. Are there any hints on how to get rid of the hiss? I am not using a DSDT on this machine as i cant seem to find one for the board in the Optiplex and its difficult to identify it.

any help?


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Thanks - much better, the hiss is gone but the volume is pretty low and i have applied the volume fix. I will try some other speakers to see as they are monitor built in ones and potentially a bit rubbish.

Is there a big trick to get audio over HDMI as this is the first time i have tried and even though HDMI shows as an output device although no sound does!


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