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dell 1420 dsdt,which patches should I patches? help me!

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Hi friends here,currently I learn to hackintosh my dell 1420 with the annoying graphics GM965/GML960 Chipset.Because I am new to hackintosh,and I do not know the code in the dsdt means.I do not know which one to choose for the patches.

I downloaded the DSDTEditor-Linux-Mac-Win,there are many txt in the patches folder,And don not know which one should fit for my mother board.

Could someone help me to edit the dsdt?I have spend a month on this still could not make the graphics and the audio working.

acpi_dsdt.zip origin dsdt

CPU: inte Pentium Dual Core T2330

mother board: dell 0FT162 (intel GM965 (Crestline-GM) + ICH8M) ---graphics chip: GMA x3100

graphics: intel GM965/GML960 Chipset - Integrated Graphics 0 [C0] [dell]

net : broadcom BCM5906M NetLink PCI-E Fast Ethernet controller

audio: intel 82801HB ICH8 - High Definition HDA [b0] --- SigmaTel STAC9228


1 - I did the patches --folder Notebook Core 2 ICH8 -ECHI.txt and LPC.txt and DTGP.txt

2 - patch the dell M1330.txt --which contain the same intel x3100 video

Then compile,with 0 error ,1 warning,1 remark.

Use the chameleon graphicsenabler flag ,and restart the mac os ,still could not get the graphics working.

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