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Try to get USB 3 working without issues

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I have a perfectly working system with really everything working as it should, including sleep, software as well as menu activated,

wake up from sleep also works like a dream.

I am running Mountain Lion 10.8.2 on a GA X58A-UD3R Ver.2.0 mobo with FH bios and OCed to 4.2 gigs with 2 nvidia graphics cards, GTX285 and a 8400GS, If anybody wants to know what I did to get this working let me know and I guide you along.

The 8400GS is supposedly not supported anymore under ML :-)

My only issue is USB 3.

Every incarnation of USB 3 kexts I tried, breaks sleep, except the latest LaCie ver 1.0.11 driver/kext or the latest Caldigit driver/kexts But these kexts when loaded, seperately off course, all activate the USB 3 Super-speed bus, but do not allow any

devices to connect to that bus. Research on the web revealed that one must deactivate security of these kexts so that anything

other than vendor specific devices may also connect to the USB 3 Super-Speed bus.

The NEC uPD720200 on board firmware used is version, ostensibly the latest available for that chipset.

Any advice, tip or help in this regard is most appreciated.

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