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P8H67-M Bios 3xxx - Wrong BUS0 Patch

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I have edit the P8 (generic) BIOS 3xxx patch (Download) to get it to work for my ASUS P8H67-M Pro (B3) motherboard with a 3806 BIOS.

The only problem is that sleep didn't work. After getting a DSDT from another member, I see that the BUS0 patch is at the wrong place. It should be after:

Device (SBUS)
           Name (_ADR, 0x001F0003)
           OperationRegion (SMBP, PCI_Config, 0x40, 0xC0)
           Device (BUS0)
               Name (_CID, "smbus")
               Name (_ADR, Zero)
               Device (DVL0)
                   Name (_ADR, 0x57)
                   Name (_CID, "diagsvault")


When using the patched file it is placed in another (wrong) section.

Is it just me? Because that patch is for newer ASUS motherboards.

Hope someone can help, I have attached my patch file, but it still has the wrong BUS0 patch. I need to change this manually, but just asking if newer ASUS motherboard also have this problem.

Thanks for your work! :)

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