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help with DSDT & Patch for Asus P8B75M

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I will admit that I am not in the know about these DSDT files and what they are, but I am told that I need one.

I am trying to get the Mac OS onto my computer so that I can figure it out and decide if I want to by a REAL MBP as they are rather expensive.

I have downloaded your DSDTparser.jar and am running it in my win7 install (as I am having problems getting much to run on Mac10.6. There is no patch file that I can find for the P8B75M motherboard. I have firmware 812 installed. I did get the P8 generic patch and it runs, but when I compile I get 143 errors and 1 warning.


Do I need to get some fixed patch file to make my motherboard work?

Am I getting all these errors because I am not using the right patches?

what do I need to read or do to get this to work. I am willing to put in what is needed to learn, but I need some help finding the way there.



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Well. I think in my case I do. I can get the Snow Leopard to load, but end up with I can use the mouse, but the keyboard seems to stop working after several minutes. I have no network, and can't set the screen resolution.

I did some more searching and decided to give the P8-3k patch a try and that worked. So I think that I have the DSDT.aml file made. But no clue on what I do with it to get some of the other bits working better. Any help is appreciated.


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