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DSDT patch for GA-H61M-S2PV Rev 2.0 Bios Ver FD help needed

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First I would like to say sorry if I do not manage to give all the required information in one go. I'm a nood when it comes to editing a DSDT.aml. Anyways here goes.

I have a GA-H61M-S2PV (Rev 2.0) MB with Bios Version FD, onboard audio is ALC887 HDEF. I have the board up and running Lion os X 10.7.5 and looking to patch my DSDT.aml to enable the audio as at present it does not work. I have tried Voodoo. ALC888b/887 patched and none patch, with AppleHDA and enabler and rollback but with no success. This brings me to where I am today. I am not sure where to start when it comes to editing the DSDT.aml and would like to request some assistance as to where I should start first.

I must add, I do not want someone to patch this for me as I would like to learn this process for myself.

Here is the unmodified code for DSDT.aml

Device (HDEF)
           Name (_ADR, 0x001B0000)
           OperationRegion (HDAR, PCI_Config, 0x4C, 0x10)
           Field (HDAR, WordAcc, NoLock, Preserve)
               DCKA,   1, 
                       Offset (0x01), 
               DCKM,   1, 
                   ,   6, 
               DCKS,   1, 
                       Offset (0x08), 
                   ,   15, 
               PMES,   1

           Method (_PRW, 0, NotSerialized)
               Return (GPRW (0x0D, 0x04))


Any help would be appreciated and all working patches will be given for any future development.


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Hello Arthur_pt,

I'm on SL 10.6.8 with the same mb and firmware and I tried to use your dsdt file but it doesn't work on my os (KP). So I extracted and patched the dsdt on my self but I didn't get satisfying results (I implemented your code regarding the audio chipset and it was the only thing really working better). Without any dsdt installed I got big trouble with my wifi card, a d-link DWA-547, atheros chipset AR5008. It's recognized as Airport and it shows all the neighbours networks but, after connected, it freeze my pc in a while, even it's using the vanilla kexts. Previously I used the same card, ever in SL, with full success (but with legacy kernel, 32 bit mode and another mb). Can you help me? Here attached my dsdts, 1 extracted from linux (ubuntu 12.04) and 1 extracted from SL and my SL ioreg dump.

Many thanks in advance


P.S. I got a i3-2125 intel processor and I'm using the integrated graphics enabled by Kimera 1.5 (at start up the monitor go to standby, but after a sleep/restart I got QE/CI enabled)



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try this one


and, inside the PCI card section, I can see more data about audio.

However my wifi problem doesn't stop. I googled a bit and I found that many people are encountering problem running SL in 64 bit with this card/chipset because of the AirportAtheros.kext that works only in 32 bit mode instead the AirportAtheros21.kext that works in 32/64 bit mode. It seems that both are required by the card so I tried some kext/kext-injector but at this moment with no success. I will do some tries again...

Many thanks


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once more i say dsdt is not GOD, it help but u hardware must colaborate , must be compatible with mac os x, mac os x is developped for mac machines...

must find the right kext, and some hardware never works...

mac os x , is not windows, windows u can install in a toaster, only need a dvd drive ou a usb port.

mac os x is not that

hack mac os x is 99% of reading, googling, persistency and 1% of luck u hardware is compatible...

good hack

PB Easy Note TM 86 - i5 430 M - H55M - Ram - 6 GB - Alc272 - Radeon HD 5470 512 QE/CI

Lenovo G500 - i5 3230m - HM77 - Ram - 8 GB - Conexant audio - HD 4000

My OS X Files 

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