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DSDT on Toshiba P770

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Hi all,

Sorry for my bad english, i'm french, but i will try to explain my problem.

I have a Toshiba P770, with HM65 chipset, HD3000 (0116) & Nvidia Optimus GT520M.

I can only boot with GraphicsEnabler=No & smbios.plist Macbookpro 8.1, and remove all Nvidia / HD3000 / AppleIntelHD* kext.

Then i have a 1280x800 resolution, with QE/CI but i have a lot of mouse lag, and my intel HD3000 is only 64Mo.

If i boot with HD3000 Kext (ML 10.8), i have 1600x900 screen (512 Mo), but screen is very big, and only have half screen.

is there a solution with DSDT ?

I have extract my DSDT with AIDA64 on Windows, rename into DSDT.aml, and put it in my Extra Folder, but no change.

Can i hope any help ? :)

Thank you a lot !


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Chimera is already the lasted version.

Reading DSDT.aml OK, but same issues :(

But can only boot with GraphicsEnabler=No !

Without kext => 1280x800 laggy and 64 Mo

With kext => grey screen with mouse extra zoom

Test the laster FakeSMC but nothing :(

if i boot with GraphicsEnabler=Yes i have

Nvidia GeForce GT520m 0MB NVd9 [10de:1050] : : Pciroot(0x0)/pci(0x1,0x0)/pci(0x0,0x0)


Edit: smbios macbook pro 8.1 doesn't boot, only smbios macbook pro 8.3 (to correct my first post)

Edit2: I think that i must patch the DSDT to disable nvidia optimus :( because i can't disable it in the bios :( but how to, that is the question :)

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try this method by i have an error when compiling

"_SB.PCI0.PEG0.GFX0.DOFF object does not exist !

If i try to copy OFF method from my ssdt-7.aml


        Method (_OFF, 0, Serialized)
           Store (PCIC, BUF1)
           Store (GMM1, BUF2)
           Store (GMM2, BUF3)
           Store (GMM3, BUF4)
           Store (GIO1, BUF5)
           Store (GIRQ, BUF6)
           Store (SID, BUF7)
           SGOF ()


then new error when compiling:

PCIC object dos not exist

GMM1 object does not exist etc ...

Could you help a noob lol ? :D

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take a look here


good hack


Sorry, That method don't work. I can see people in the comment struggling as well.


Keep an eye on this thread. These people have successfully disabled GPU. I have asked them for help and attached the DSDT and SSDT.


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2 ways to get the wife card working. Use a edited kext or add DSDT edits.

I have the same wifi card and i have managed to get it working with DSDT edits with the help of this forum.

Run IOReg and save it with no extension and attach it.


Want to do it yourself? > http://www.tonycrapx86.com/network/58146-guide-airport-half-mini-pcie.html

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